Taking Your Company’s Competitive Intelligence Analysis to the Next Level

Smart coach allows his staff the flexibility to take analytical leaps when needed, proposing innovative (risky) solutions worked. This decentralized decision making means faster choices, partly because raw information and finished analysis move through the team faster and partly it takes advantage of a wider spectrum of expert opinion that simply forwarding everything to a single point. It is also based on principle that when books and magazines are read, or television and computer screens are watched, it is gently a one-way street, with information moving in a single direction. Contrast this with the fact of communication, which is exchanging information.

Another thing the good coach should remember is swot reports that leaders are not successful based on their power, they are successful based on their networks. And networks form the basis of companies, competitors, customers and the football team as we can see. The question is whether you can employ them to your competitive advantage before your competitor does. One of the main principles of good network in football team is that whatever one player knows, the rest must know as well.

So, as we see, there are many ideas of rational information appliance today. And we can find many principles and ideas of competitive intelligence, which can be applied not only in football, but in every sphere of human’s life organization. Especially nowadays, when we are limited in time and fulfilled with a various information, our strategy thinking is the main part of success.